Musical Instruments

AGM offers a unique and highly inspiring collection of musical instruments ranging from the classic stuff to some very esoteric instruments.



Yamaha CS-60

Hohner Pianet

Logan String Synth

Hohner stringer

Sequential Circuits Prophet Five

Arp Pro-Soloist

Roland SH-101

Moog Taurus bass pedals

Kurzweil K2000

Hohner clavinet

Hammond C3+Leslie 147

Hammond B-200

Fender Rhodes


Roland Compu-Rhythm Drum Machine

Wurlitzer 60's electronic church Organ Model 4502

MAM VF-11 Vocoder/filterbank

Acoustic keyboard instruments:

Upright piano(2)

Mustel Celesta

Older portable celesta


Vibraphone (Tama)


Tack piano

Pump Organ


Schoenhut Toy Pianos (3 different)

Guitars and basses:

Gibson ES175

Fender strat

Fender Tele

Epiphone Les paul Goldtop '56 reissue

Washburn ES335

Martin M-38 acoustic (70’s)

Martin d-28 acoustic (70’s)

Gibson/Kalamazoo L-00 acoustic (30's flat-top)

Ibanez 12 string acoustic

Yairi Nylon acoustic (2 different)

Bjärton steel acoustic

Rickenbacker 4001 bass

Rickenbacker 4001s bass

Fender Jazz Bass

Gibson EB-2 hollow body bass ('67)

Epiphone EB3 bass

Danelectro bass

Dobro square neck

Regal Dobro round neck

Pedal Steel guitar(Carter)

New Yorker 50's lap Steel Guitar

Sitar Guitar (Jerry Jones Danelectro copy)

Other instruments:

Zither (chromatic)

Zither (chords)

Autoharp (21 chords)

Tremoloa (Hawaaian strange thing)

Levin mandolin

Electric mandolin




Tenor, Alto and soprano saxes




Irish tin whistles

Recorders (alto and soprano)

Assorted Harmonicas

(Chromatic with slider, bass harmonica and harps in all keys)

Small Xylophone


Stylophone(big model)


Aquarion (custom-built "glass xylophone")


Programmable Music Boxes(1 chromatic and one in "C")


Gretsch 70's big kit (24" bass drum)

Rogers 70's small kit(22" bass drum)

Slingerland 60's kit(26" bass drum)

Ludwig Black Beauty snare

Ludwig Supraphonic snare

Slingerland Radio King ('58)

Gretsch wood snare(2, one new and one 70's)

Several cheap trash snares


Zildjian 60's cymbals and hihats

Timpani (2)

Lots of percussion instruments

Studio gear

AGM offers a wide range of studio gear focusing on classic vintage gear, modern remakes and custom built versions of classic gear, but also provides state-of-the-art digital recording equipment.


Studer A-80 2" 16-tr with Dolby SR Noise red

Otari MTR-90 Mk2 2 " 24-tr

Studer A-80 1/4" 2-tr

Mixing Consoles:

Trident Series 80B 30 inputs, 24 monitors with EQ

AGM16 custom built 16 track sidecar with Neve 1073 Clone EQ

Calrec 40 input submixer for FX

Vintage Design Custom Mastering Console ("Master Blaster")



Urei 1176 (1)

Urei 1178 (stereo)

Teletronix/UA LA-2A

A&D  Compex (stereo)

Strohm 1660 tube comp (clone of Fairchild 670) (2 stereo)

DBX 161 VU (2)

Strohm 145 (clone of urei 1176) (2)

Altec 439 tube comp

Strohm Tubular tube comp (clone of RCA BA-5A)

Spectrasonics 610

Transient Designer (stereo)

Strohm Field Effect (1178 clone)

Vintage Design CL-1(Neve Clone stereo compressor)

Strohm Max near (high end stereo tube pre+compressor)

Pre amps:

RCA BA-1A 50's Tube pre (2)

Langevin 116B Tube pre (1)

General Electric  Tube pre (1)

Telefunken V72  Tube pre (3)

Universal Audio 2-610 Tube pre (stereo)

Quad Eight  mm61  discrete pre (2)

Quad Eight 312 discrete pre 312 (2)

Strohm Max near (high end stereo tube pre+compressor)

Vintage Audio Neve 1073 clone pre (4)

Disa discrete Germanium transistor pres (6)

MCI pre (4)

Strohm discrete micpres(6)


Strohm Pultec clone tube EQ (6)

MCI EQ (4)

Strohm discrete MCI EQ clone (4)

Vintage Audio Neve 1073 discrete EQ clone (20)

Telefunken  discrete EQ (2)

Neumann EQ (2)

Millennia NSEQ-2(stereo 4 band parametric tube or solid state)

Avalon AD2055 Mastering EQ

A&D discrete EQ

Finnish Broadcast passive EQ

Eckmiller  passive EQ

Langevin 251  passive EQ(2)

Quad Eight mm61 discrete EQ(2)

Quad Eight 312 discrete EQ(3)

AKAI MFC42 stereo analog "synth" filter (cut off, resonance, LFO etc)

Krohn-heit tube variable bandpass filter (2) (military spec 60s very musical but radical bandpass filters)

MAM VF-11 analog filterbank/vocoder

Moog MoogerFooger


Live Echo Chamber 1 (dark, smooth, Beach Boys/Phil Spector style, 3-5 seconds decay)

Live Echo chamber 2 (bright, short, tiled, harder Motown style sound/1- 3 seconds decay)

EMT 140 stereo plate

Stocktronics stereo plate

AKG BX-20 spring reverb

British Spring (spring reverb)

Binson Echorec

Roland space echo

Korg Stage Echo

Revox A-77 tape delay

ADT hookup Revox G-36 Tube 1/4" tape machine (tape phaser/flanger/automatic double tracking)

Yamaha SPX-90

Roland  dimension D chorus

Roland  digital delay

The studio rooms(3 different characteristics) used for ambience, early reflection-type of effect when mixing

Boss ping-pong delay

MXR rack flanger/Doubler

Peavey Valveverb + tremolo

Lots of guitar effect pedals


Microtech Gefell UM92.s large membrane condenser tube mic (2)

Microtech um70 large membrane condenser (2)

Microtech Gefell M930 large membrane condenser (2)

Microtech Gefell M300 small membrane condenser (2)

Microtech Gefell M-582/M 62 Small diaphragm 60's tube condenser(2)

Microtech Gefell MV691 mic(2) with various capsules(small membranes, M70, shotgun, etc)

Neumann u47 fet

Soundelux E47(2)

Soundelux U99B

AKG 414 B-ULS (3)

Pearl DC 96 (swedish 60s large diaphragm condenser) (2)

Shure SM 57 (6)

Shure SM 58

Shure SM 7


AKG D112

Coles 4104 Weird ribbon mic

Sennheiser MD421 (3)

Sennheiser MD441 (1)

Beyer m-160 ribbon mic (3)

Electrovoice RE-20

RCA 74B ribbon mic (2)

AKG C-28

AKG D19 (4)

AKG D190 (2)

ADK A51 (6)

ADK SC-2 (2)

ADK A-51 Hamburg edition (2)

T-Bone Ribbbon Mics (5)-two different models

Assorted cheap trash mics


KRK 6000 nearfield/Electrocompaniet amp

Yamaha NS-10 nearfield/Quad amp

Yamaha NS-100 nearfield/Electrocompaniet amp

BoomboxSmall speakers from Neumann 60's console

Sheep Nemesis heaphone foldback system (individual mixers for musicians)

Guitar /bass amps:

Fender Showman blackface ´66 head (Tube)

Fender Bassman silverface ´75 head (Tube)

Fender SuperSonic Head (Tube)

Vox AC-30  (Tube)

Vox AC-50 head (Tube)

Vox Emperor head (Solid State)

Hiwatt Custom head (Tube)

Ampeg V-4(Tube)

Champion 60's tube PA amp

Aga 60's tube PA amp

Leslie 147

Trekk Leslie preamp

Speakeasy Leslie "fender blackface style" Preamp


Hiwatt 4 12"

Marshall 4 12"

Hagstrom "bassman" yellow 15"

Homebuilt 2*8" , 2*10" and 1*12" with vintage speakers, combo-sound

Vox AC-30 Cabinet

Ampeg 2'12" bass cabinet

Fender 2 15" bass cabinet

Marshall 4 10" bass cabinet

Leslie 147

Iso-cabinets for guitar(2) -sound isolated guitar cabinets with vintage speakers

iso cabinet for bass(1)-sound isolated bass cabinet

PA speakers

a couple of weird old speakers


Apple G5 Dual 2,5 GHz

Digidesign 192 I/O 40 inputs, 48 outputs

MOTU MIDI Timepiece MIDI interface

Digidesign Sync I/O (Sync thing, wordclock, SMPTE, MTC etc)

Pro Tools,Digital Performer & Logic Audio

Waves mastering plugins

Mellotron software synth

MOTU MACH Five software sampler

MOT MX-4 Softsynth

MOTU Symphonic Instrument softsynth

Universal Audio 2192 AD/DA and House clock

Microlynx Syncing device for locking multitrack machines and sequencer

Kenton pro2000 Mk2 MIDI to CV thing

Doepfer MAQ-16 (analog sequenser wth knobs and pots)

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