Christoffer Lundquist (born 1970) is the studio owner and in-house producer. Besides being an engineer/producer Christoffer is a multi instrumentalist, singer and arranger for strings, horns and orchestra. This part of his work includes a solo career, his own band brainpool, as well as being part of the roxette band.

His strive for musical perfection is focused on the emotional communication and content of the music, creative and innovative arrangements rich in detail and a warm, woody, organic sound. His work is also guided by a strong belief that tecnical perfection so often heard on modern recordings drains the music of emotional content.

This wiew on music production was abundantly rewarded when he  in 2011 received the Sir George Martin Music Award from the hand of Sir George himself. Being a Beatles fan since early childhood, and a great admirer of Sir George, Christoffer considered this a great honor.

The George Martin Music Award gala evening may 2:nd 2011 -In pictures

Christoffer has also been rewarded the SKAP award for his work.