Brainpools career took off in 1994 when their debut album ”soda” was released to public and critical acclaim.

They were awarded with a Swedish Grammy ,sold over 100 000 albums and enjoyed a few years of intense success.

Since 1997 Brainpool consists of Christoffer, David Birde and Jans Jansson. Their debut album as a trio, ”You are here”, was released in 1998.

Soon after, the band started writing ”Junk -a rock opera”, which was  completed and released in 2004. On the release day,  the band performed a concert version of the opera  in Malmö, together with a full symphonic orchestra and guest stars. in front of 10 000 people.

    For many years, Amercan  director Shakina Nayfack has developed the stage version of ”Junk” The show has been performedmore than 50 nights to sold out houses in L.A. and the production team aim for Broadway.

Brainpool is currently working on their next album ”Brainpools Divina Commedia”